8 Common Sense Tips For Saving Money

Here’s a few common sense tips that will save you some money over the long run without much effort. All of you have to do is change a few simple habits and there’ll be a little bit of extra change in the bank at the end of the month. It’s not much, but you also don’t have to do much either! Here goes:

1) Turn the lights off when you leave a room. Unless you’re ocming right back to the room, might as well just flick the swtich on your way out. Couple of lights here and there, and it’s an extra $10 less per month on your electric bill.

2) Don’t turn your heat up too high. If you find yourself having to open the window during winter, it’s probabl y a sign that you have your heat up too high. Heat tends to come pretty expensively (especially if you’re using electric), so close the window and turn it down a little. If you need fresh air, put some plants in your apartment.

3) Turn your computer off when you go to bed. Sure, it’s convenient to not have to turn it on in the morning, but it costs you an extra dollar/day probably not to mention the extra wear and tear on your computer.

4) Use a smaller computer/laptop if it’s all the same to you. Bigger computers like desktops can have pretty powerful power supplies that drains a lot of energy. So if you don’t care if you use a laptop or desktop… might as well just use the laptop!

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5) Wear more clothes and turn the heat down. Unless you really love walking around your apartment naked during the winter, why not save some money by turning the heat down and just dressing normally? You have all summer to walk around naked and that doesn’t cost you anything.

6) Do more stuff at night if possible. Electricity is generally cheaper at night (depending on where you live), so if you have to do computer stuff, might as well try to do that during the night time instead of the day. Of course, if you’re reading or something, then do that during the day since sunlight is free.

7) Don’t buy stuff you don’t need. Sure, that dress  might look pretty now, but you’ll get bored of it in a few days. Go ahead and feel it up all you want in the store. Maybe even go to the dressing room and put it on. But hey.. you don’t really need it right?

Buy only stuff you need. Yeah, you could get an iphone, but what if all you really do is use it as a phone and to text? Why spend $200 when you can spend $0, and probably get a phone with better reception? Sure, it doesn’t have all those cool features, but you just want a phoen, right?

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