About Adam

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Adam “Yellowbird” DeArmon has traveled the world extensively working,
learning and growing with many different indigenous tribes. He has
dedicated his time and energy to his personal vision, Earth Dance8. Earth
Dance is a spiritual gathering of all races, religions and tribes for the
unity and a celebration of life. The purpose is to dance for four Days
and nights with the Earth, the elements, sun and moon and the ancestors,
to bring joy to the people and the Earth. Adam’s diverse teachings and
multicultural background has rooted him in the knowledge that we are all

Adam is a visionary and spiritual leader. He is the founder of the Global Earth
Dance Gatherings. His vision of Earth Dance8 has brought thousands of people
together of all colors, races, and spiritual backgrounds to celebrate and dance
around the world. Adam also helps people explore the inner healing of the heart,
dreams, and spirit. Adam is bringing the multi-cultural vision of all people
coming together as one for unity and healing of our Mother Earth. He believes we
are Earth Keepers of our Mother and we must take care of her as she takes care of
us; the people. Adam is asking the help of all people to wake up and listen to
their heart, the Holy Spirit, and bring out what has been hidden away for eons
within one’s being. Remember we are all divinely moved by the Holy Spirit to do
what is in the highest good for all humanity.
Today take your steps forward!

While residing in Sedona, Arizona area he is the Founder and Director of the “Common
People Healing Center” with intention of returning to the natural world and
traditional ways of healing. The healing center is an expansion of Earth Dance8 with
a foundation for the people to come heal, live, learn and grow physically and
spiritually. The efforts of Earth Dance8 and the Common People Cultural Center extend
into our children’s schools, elder and autism day care centers and with our animals
as we make a difference in our communities. Global begins local.