About Domain Names : What are they and what to pick?

A domain name is in fact the name of a website. For instance, website-creation-tips.com is a domain name. This is in fact a string that corresponds to the ip address, that is the server in which the files for this website reside, which would be at my web host. As you can understand, the domain name is crucial for a website. If for example somebody managed to somehow get the domain name nike.com before nike reserved it, he/she would be quite rich by now. The domain name characterizes the brand name and is the soul of our website.


For starters, the domain name is a first way to indicate what a site is about. You would argue that some domains do not really illustrate the corresponding website’s contents but are still successful. That doesn’t mean that they didn’t make a mistake on that though. When it comes to selecting a domain name for their site, almost anyone of use tries to come up with something fancy, something that would be a nice brand name and be easy for people to remember. Well, THIS IS A MISTAKE. Unless you are an already well-kwown brand do not come up with bogus catchy domain names.

I mean ok, picking a nice and catchy domain name sounds good, but how many people know about it? Probably none. So, instead of picking something like that, focus on choosing something more meaningful. For instance, take a look at my domain name. It could be something like hozyCozySites.com or whatever. This would be a terrible decision. Not only people would forget about it easily but would also be VERY bad for search engines.

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Imagine that you are a search engine.What is more meaningful to you? website-creation-tips or hozyCozySites ? ALWAYS make it easier for search engines. On the quest for traffic, you need to satisfy them to win the game, you need to be a marketeer and think like one. Believe it or not, most times such a three word ugly domain name can secure you better search engine placement and that is what really counts when you’re just starting up with a site.

It would also be great if you could stick to com domains. This is the one that all people in the world know better than anything else and it’s always the first thing one tries when he does not remember what the end of the domain is.

As long as you make your domain name mean something relevant to your keywords and NOT BE A BRAND IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY WELL KNOWN and you mostly target a com domain you’ll be fine.

There are of course many sources where you could buy your domain name, like:

Just do a “register domain” on google and you’ll certainly find what suits your needs. However, if you do not want to directly register a domain, your web host can do it for you most times.

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