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I really do not know how long this post will be or where to start. My wife and I began The Green Apartment Blog last year. This was shortly after I leaving my job to pursue my freelance writing career. The original concept was to bring good information about living more eco consciously on a smaller level for those of us that reside in apartments, townhouses and other small dwellings. I really did not anticipate devoting a lot of time to the blog, just updating as we came across something that we felt would be useful to others.

My writing career currently is writing for a large web content producing site. I spend the majority of my day writing 300-600 word Home and Garden type articles. I attempt to write 10 articles a day so that the bills are paid and the roof is still over our head. In the process, my commitment to this blog began to wane. Several months went by before I began to seriously get this blog restarted. There is just a pressing need and desire in me to share information that is useful to all of us. No matter how small that bit of information may be.

When my wife and I began our raw food lifestyle, I knew that this was going to be exciting. I truly believe that the disease and illness we see everyday is a direct result of our diets and our frame of mind. What I did not quite expect was to run into so much misinformation, misleading suppositions and misconceptions about raw food living. Couple that with the fact that each day I struggle within myself between writing to pay the bills or researching and writing to share useful, informative articles and share our experience directly with all of you.

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I have heard that when your body begins to detoxify that a persons worldview can change. Along with physical changes, a person will undergo spiritual and emotional changes. I am finding this to be very true. I feel a connection to the world around as I have never felt before. This is where a big part of my inner struggle with writing comes into play.

I am not going to go all spiritual on you but I am going to be transparent and authentic. There is too much information regarding a healthy diet and healthy lifestyles. My wife and I strive to seek out what is best for our health and well-being. Because of this, and my over-analytic mind, I research everything to be sure that the information I receive is real and that I can act on that information. The writing struggle begins, when I want to write here on this blog on the wonderful information that is useful and needed versus writing the 10 articles a day. In these times of struggle, not much gets done on either front. That is not acceptable to me on a personal level.It is for this reason that I throw out my self imposed “work” schedule and live by the spirit and allow the words to flow where they may.

There is much misinformation when it comes to living a raw food lifestyle. Salespeople use fear tactics to either sell you a supplement or to gear you away from raw altogether. There is the discussion of how expensive eating raw food is. Really? Expensive compared to what? Then there is the camp that says if you eat raw food you need a bunch of extra supplements. Many questions regarding B12, iron, calcium and other potential vitamin and mineral deficiencies are used as excuses to sell products. What should you buy? What should you eat? What health effects do I need to be concerned about? Will I turn green? Ok the last one was a joke, but you get the point. And it is not only raw food that people use fear tactics to sell products for. This goes on in every aspect of our lives. I know that is probably not news to you, but to the depths that people will use fear mongering is unbelievable.

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I do not know what the point of the post truly is other than I want to be fully transparent and authentic with you. I want you to know that any information that is posted in these blog posts has been researched to the best of my ability. Any product that I suggest will be and is a product we use or have used. I believe in the old saying, “Practice what you preach”. I take that to every aspect of living. What I share with you is authentic. We are just like you. Everyday people that just want to do what is best for our health and the health of the world around us. When I say I love dandelion greens, rest assured my wife knows when the grocery store didn’t have them. hahaha

You deserve to have answers to questions rather than gimmicks. Do I want to earn money from this blog in the process? Yes I do. But not at the expense of my integrity or your integrity. When I promote something like Raw Food Fast Food  it’s because I already have it and found the information to be useful to people just like you and me. If I share information about food, it will be because I have researched what I write about it. If I write about unplugging all your little gadgets around the house when they aren’t use to save money, it’s because we do it everyday.

There are some great people in the raw food community that I will be pointing to in the months to come. People who are very knowledgeable and authentic. These are people that I read every day. People with a real message. When I post links to other blogs like Modern Hippie Magazine  its because I know they have information that you may find interesting.

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The bottom line is this I guess…I will be spending more time researching, experimenting and writing more for you. Information you can trust, ideas to save you money, thoughts on living a more abundant life. You deserve the best of everything. You are beautiful. You are an individual. I believe in you and the fact that all of us can live healthy, wonderful, abundant, fruitful and exciting lives.

Thank you for giving me a moment of your time. I appreciate all of you.

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