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To get more people to view a particular website, it has to be something that is popular and is an authoritative source of information. Most search engines are designed in such a way where most viewed sites are placed on top of the rank. As a result, many have come up with numerous internet marketing promotions and internet marketing software to put their sites above all else.

One of the old ways to create incredible traffic is through backlinking where people submit their links to hundreds of link directories all over the internet. Sure enough, websites using this strategy began to skyrocket. This method, however, has seen better days as search engines become smarter and much more difficult to circumvent.

Then people began to use another strategy to outwit search engines’ newer algorithms. Blog and Ping became the vogue and people get their web pages indexed at a tremendous rate. But the effectiveness of the Blogging and Pinging was quickly diminished as search engines employed more stringent rules in their rankings.

Content writing seemed to be the only way to get high on rankings. Although this remains as a very effective strategy, it can also take a toll on your time. In business, every minute counts. By the time you’re done with creating and submitting articles, precious time would have been wasted – time when you could have earned more money. While you spend hours on article submissions, others are already earning twice as much as you do.

So what are we left with since all of our old ways are becoming more ineffective? Does it mean we have to go back the hard way? Of course not! This is where Bookmarking Demon steps into the picture. Bookmarking Demon is a result of social bookmarking genius employing cutting edge automation, randomization, and many other features that only Bookmarking Demon could offer.

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Why Bookmarking Demon is Superior to Others

Bookmarking demon is an internet marketing software that helps you add more than a hundred bookmaking sites automatically, add an infinite numbers of scuttles plus bookmarks, randomize your user names, bookmarks the random titles, tags, and descriptions you have provided in order to make them appear natural.

To those who are new to this method, social bookmarking is putting all your bookmarks (links to a particular site) in your social bookmarking account. You start by opening an account, much like the email or social networking account. Next, you load it with as much bookmarks as you could find – bookmarks that link back to your own website or bookmarks of links of other sites which is found in your website. Now, you can try and do it manually at the expense of time. But that would prove this method more counterproductive than advantageous.

So to solve this, people made programs for social bookmarking sites. However, most of these programs employ dirty tactics such as creating hundreds of user accounts for the same person on every bookmarking site that they can find. But such programs will backfire because social bookmarking sites will detect the same I.P. address for all the user accounts. As a result, all your accounts will be banned, or worse – your I.P. address. Other programs use lame tactics such as adding the same bookmarks on all social bookmarking accounts to no avail since the search engines will ignore all the other bookmarks.

What sets Bookmarking Demon apart from all the other programs is its cutting-edge technology in social bookmarking and its guaranteed no-spam and safe usage. It has added features on the automation of user accounts such as randomization of log-in name during account creation, a visual scheduler to regulate submission of bookmarks, enabling and disabling of multiple use accounts to avoid spamming, bookmark your URL’s automatically, title, tags, and description randomization to avoid duplication, domain crawler, auto-email verification, RSS and domain crawler, pinging, camouflage with RSS feeds, and much much more. With Bookmarking Demon you work less, and earn more than double! You can’t get any better than that.

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There are many similar internet marketing solutions out there that promise better service. You may venture into buying some of those but remember, the time you spent on those stuff has already cost you hundreds of dollars worth of time. Now is your chance to put your internet marketing strategies to another level with bookmarking demon.

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