How Social Media Really Works By Perry Belcher


I can’t think of a better tutorial how to use social media. Every business interested in online marketing should watch this video and maybe even more than once.

According to Perry Belcher, social networking is not about doing business or even talking about what you do as a business. Social networking is about making new friends online and strengthening current relationships with people you might already know personally. Perry does not conduct any of his business on social media yet he finds a way to make lots of money. How?

Social networking is not much different than talking on the street to someone or chatting in a store or at a party. The rules of human behavior and attraction exist online the same way they do in “real life”. While it’s okay to mention about what you do as a business or career, it’s not okay to try to go into detail about it, ramble on or try to close a sale – at least not while social networking.

So how can businesses make money with social media? Here is where Perry explains it so well. At a party, you might meet someone you like, someone cool enough to invite to your house where you can really get to know them. Your new friends will see your house, all the photos your have all over the walls and you might even show them your collection of stuff. You might also serve drinks and snacks or have a meal together. Friends will buy from friends and that’s the way it is.

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Online, you should have a website or blog that you can invite people to see what you are all about. If it’s personal or quirky so much the better but even business oriented blogs work too. Once your friends from the social networks arrive, chat with them on the comment section or offer them a free report or video. Make them glad you visited. Now that they are in your house (your blog), it’s perfectly fine to talk about the business since they already like you. They also know you are cool because you did not try to sell them early in the relationship.

Let’s say your new friends like you but are not interested in the business or services you offer. Does this mean you won’t get a sale out of this interaction? No, your online friends think you are cool and will tell their friends many days or weeks later about you. Your friends’ friends might become your customer and your word of mouth campaign will spread.

To sum up, selling on a social network means you are ruining the party and are being a “jerk” online (sorry to say). Making quality friends online may take longer than spamming but has a far higher chance of getting them to visit your website and to refer others who want to become your customers.

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