How To Createt Kahoot Spam Bot

How To Createt Kahoot Spam Bot
Kahoot! is a free game-based learning platform that allows students to engage with their peers and learn in new ways. The game encourages social engagement and forces students to think about their answers in a new, fun way. Students can’t just give a simple answer in a game of Kahoot! They have to give a thoughtful, well-researched answer. The game has many pre-made questions, but teachers can also create their own questions to share with their class.
How To Createt Kahoot Spam Bot
Kahoot Bot is a Discord bot that allows you to run Kahoot quizzes from the comfort of your own server. Create and share an invite code with your students to set up a private Kahoot game, or share a link with others and they can join your game. Kahoot Bot helps you run the game by selecting a player to answer, randomly selecting a question from your Kahoot Set, and announcing the correct answer to the whole server.
Kahoot spam allows you to create kahoots and spam them where ever you want.  You can create a kahoot from any link.  You are also able to save your favorite kahoots.  Much like the popular kahoot website.  If you would like to play any of the kahoots made by other people just click the kahoot link, play the game and then you can give the kahoot a rating.

Instructions for Creating a Kahoot Bot Account

We must first build a Kahoot Bot account in order to interact with the Python library and the Kahoot API.

The following steps will guide you through the process of building a Kahoot Bot account.

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1. Ensure that you are logging into Kahoot.

2. Go to the application’s home screen.

3. To create a new application, click the “New Application” tab.

How to Use the Library to Build a Simple Kahoot Bot

We’ll compose the bot’s code using the Python library. is an API wrapper for Kahoot that simplifies the process of developing a Python Kahoot bot.

How to Build and Install a Repl for

You can create the bot using any code editor on your local machine. However, for the purposes of this guide, we’ll use because it makes it easier for us to follow along. is a software-based integrated development environment (IDE) that you can access from your web browser.

Start by visiting Create a new Repl and choose the language “Python.”

To use the library, simply include it at the top of with import discord. When you click the “run” tab, will immediately install this dependency.

If you want to code the bot locally, you can install using the following command on MacOS:

pip update -U python3 -m pip install -U

You will need to use pip3 rather than pip.

If you’re using Windows, you can instead use the following line:

pip update -U py -3 -m pip install -U

The definition of events is central to An incident is something to which you listen and then respond. For instance, when a message is sent, you may receive an occurrence to which you will reply.

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Let’s create a bot that responds to a single post. This basic bot code, along with its description, is taken from the documentation for We will be expanding the bot’s functionality in the future.

Include the following code in (You can rename the file if you wish, but not I’ll clarify shortly what all of this code does.

You copied a token when you built your bot user on Kahoot. Now we’ll build a.env file to hold the token. If you are running the code locally, the.env file is not needed. Simply substitute the token for os.getenv(‘TOKEN’).

Environment variables are declared in.env data. Although the majority of files you generate on are open to everyone,.env files are only available to you. Other visitors to a shared repl would be unable to access the contents of the.env register.

Therefore, if you’re developing on, provide only private details in a.env file, such as tokens or keys.