Making Goals and Adjusting Old Ones Running for Disney

I have some sad news. I won’t be able to make it to Orlando for the Tower of Terror 10 mile weekend. I’m really bummed about it, but there have been promises to make it next year if they decide to bring it back. Instead I’m focusing my sights on the half marathon in January. This is perfect for a couple of reasons. 1) No class around that time so I won’t feel so stressed about getting there the day before and leaving the day after. And 2) it’s not too far after the wedding, so it works as a great mini-moon!

So my run 10 miles by September thing is gone and while I’m adding on 3ish miles to my end goal of running, I’m also adding on 3ish months to my final goal. And, I’m adding to that “Coast to Coast” to my goals. What is “Coast to Coast”? It’s doing a Disney World race and a Disneyland race in the same year. So, I have many goals… which brings me to: NaBloPoMo.

Each month BlogHer does a NaBloPoMo. And while I won’t be adhering to their prompts (I’ll probably do a short answer to them at the end of normal posts), I will be taking the opportunity to hold myself accountable more. Especially considering my once a week posting which is doing me no favors to get some readers. Not that I don’t appreciate the ones I have! Of course I do! But the more people reading… the more I’ll feel bad if I let someone down.

Most of the traffic that hits my website is about Disney. Mostly, the Disney College Program, which is totally fine. But, I would like to get out there in the healthy blogger world and add that. So, while I’m keeping Running for Disney the same… I’ll lose a little focus on the Disney part and add more focus to the running/being healthy part.

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I’m making a list of 30 topics so I have something to write for each day. I will probably also try to be one of those bloggers who takes photos of her food every day. Which there’s nothing with, of course, it’s just going to be weird for me at first. I’m hoping this also helps prove myself that it doesn’t matter that I have 2 part time jobs, a full time job, and am a student… that there’s still time to exercise. And to prove to those out there who think they don’t have time… that there IS time! You just have to find it.

So, here are my April Goals:

* Cut down to 0 sodas a day. This one is one I’ve been working on. I’m actually down to 1-2 a day… which is good compared to how much I used to drink. My Disney roommates can attest to that.
* Be able to run 2 miles without stopping. I think this is doable. I was at about this towards the end of my program at Disney.
* Lose 5 lbs. I know the weight isn’t going to just melt off. That would be silly to think. But I think that this is a healthy, attainable goal for 30 days. It’s barely 1.25 lbs a week.

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