Microsoft 7 Release Candidate and my first Reactions

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This post is not about marketing as such but it is whole heartedly about Net Marketing.

You see there is another face to Net Marketing when it comes to having a proper system to execute your Net Marketing endeavors. In any Net Marketing you undertake there is one fundamental requirement before anything else. You would know that just by merely looking at the title of this article.

Yes, it’s the tools and one of those tools is the very computer you’re using to connect with the collective community. Your computer is your tool and as such your Operating System(OS) is your other tool even more important than your hardware (computer). The OS can either make or break you in terms of making everything transient to your work. Your computer/OS is there but is not immediately there but in a more transient manner ticking every facet of every pixel, executing millions of computer language instructions every second and making sure you’re shielded away from the elements of destruction all along on the path to experiencing a virtual and transietn life in this collective world of ours.

Your computer and your OS is the first thing that needs to be considered for any NEt Marketing Endeavors.

Ok, now a little bit of personal hostory. Having a good background in computer technology I can say that Windows OS has come a long way. I have finally fell in Love…with an OS… LOL

Just kidding. My work has just become easier to manage. Few weeks back I took a stab and decided to test WINDOWS 7. I wanted to see what all the hype is all about.

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I’ve been on XP for the last hald a decade so far and now am running Windows 7 on my work machine.

I am totally against any non technical person to take a drastic step since if things go wrong you need to make sure you can jump back to your pre-existing way of working. In otherwords, you need to make sure your old way is accessible and in no time you can go back and continue without hindrance.

I always have a system for working. I make sure the system (computer) I’m working on has a copy of the partition of the OS. I write this on CD and in the event of a major disaster (like virus attach, system crash, fire, theft etc) I can easily restore my working environment without much down-time.

I use Norton Ghost a very old version I acquired that really did not need to be updated. Perhaps it is as old as Windows XP. With this tool I make sure I keep duplicates of the installed OS’s on CD or alternative media. Just in case the system is cactis, I can easily restore my working environment.

Now, since working with XP I’ve heard and also can say that VISTA was a nightmarish jump to be had. I decided to not bother with VISTA for good. We did test it but decided it was just too much effort to port things over. VISTA is hard in my oppinion. Difficult to control and alter and a way too cumbersome. Sorry MS, but that’s the way I feel about it. But I’m not bragging on about hurting any company, as a matter of fact this article puts a big message for future users of WINDOWS OS’s.

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After skipping VISTA I’ve decided or INFLUENCED with the NAGGING POWER of a 9 year old boy to install and test it.

Did you know that when a child starts imaging he/she will get that which they imagine. I’ve been bought into so many times by my young child that I thought of taking him on. I decided not to bother with WIndows 7 until it is released. There are people all around me bragging on about windows Vista and now Windows 7. OK, enough is enough I said, no more Windows VISTA or WINDOWS 7 talking in this house (I work from home with 4 computers). Still, the war of wants and not wants has just started. I feel for my child but as a marketer I need to prioritize my time and spend it on useful things. You have to see the expression on a nine year old. Just amazing. They can really influence you and alter your mood in a matter of seconds. Anyway, a week past when I felt my child sulking at the idea of not being able to use the new OS. I still don’t understand what value he gets out of it other than the bells and whistles WINDWOS 7 has.

After feeling for my child, I decided to download a beta release from the great Internet Hoghway, I hitch-hiked my way and read about other peoples feedback and decided to download the 7068 build or release. A March release. Good enough I said. I installed it on one of our machines that were just used for testing. I’ve installed it without and effort. Even with a limited driver supply, it installed on an old AMD machine, with only 1GB. You should have seen my sons facial expression. He was in the clouds, his smile was so far stretched he was just short of touching his hears.

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Here we go. Microsoft – You’ve Done a Good job of Windows 7. I am totally impressed and feel like I’m a born-again-MS. LOL.

Thrilled how it worked on my test machine, after using it for a few days I’ve took the punt and installed it on my work machine and later on my laptop and then the other working computer.

All systems are working A OK. Totally impressed. I’ve been using it for the last few weeks without much headaches.

The only thing I should mention here is that if you’re using any software that interfaces with the hardware, like Video card, network car, and sound cards, then you really must make sure there are proper drivers for them before using and such software. Most of my software either work directly on windows 7 wihtout alteration or need to select the compatible setting for some.

But, I fell in love for the first time in this century with an OS. LOL.

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