Most Frequently Asked Questions by WordPress Users

We has been serving to WordPress beginners since 2016. Over the last month, we’ve received all levels of queries (some beginner, some advanced). Overtime some queries are asked over and once again. In this article, we’ll share most often asked queries by WordPress Beginners with answers.

1. I don’t see the Plugins Menu in my Admin Panel

Answer: There are few reasons why this could happen. If your blog is hosted on the Free platform, you do not have the power to add plugins. If you do not have administrator level account on your WordPress installation, then you may not see the Plugins tab.

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2. I’m locked out of wp-admin, and my Web Site shows a blank White Screen

Answer: This possibly happens when you paste a code from a web site with wrong formats. Typically the format error is finished on the web site where the code is offered but most of the time, this error happens because you affixed the code on the incorrect location. Sadly, you may not be ready to build the edits using your wp-admin section. You may got to use FTP to login to your internet host and modify your theme’s file.

Consider following our Beginner’s Guide to Pasting Code from the online into WordPress.

If you don’t grasp what’s FTP, then think about following our video tutorial that may show you the way to use FTP.

3. I upgraded WordPress and currently I don’t see Custom Fields Space, Authors Space and MORE

Answer: within the newer versions of WordPress, the core User-Interface (UI) team has determined to form the admin interface a lot of cleaner. Therefore, those choices are checked off by default. If you look within the prime right corner of your screen, there’s a Screen choices tab. Click on it and check the fields that you just would really like to examine.

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4. My Facebook Like Button doesn’t show the proper Title or Image

Answer: this is often NOT a WordPress issue. It’s as a result of Facebook’s script cannot properly sight the data from your web site. However, there are WordPress plugins that enables for a seamless integration with Facebook which can get rid of this plugin. Think about putting in and activating Simple Facebook Connect plugin. You do not have to set up it or something. or else, you must be using WordPress SEO plugin, and it’s a inbuilt Social feature that may solve this issue.

5. My website Loads Slow, How am I able to Speed it Up?

Answer: There are many stuff you will do to speed up your web site. Very first thing you would like to try and do is think about adding a caching plugin to WordPress. We use and suggest W3 Total Cache. Another issue you’ll be able to do is use a Content Delivery Network provider. We use and suggest MaxCDN (See our infographic regarding What’s a CDN and Why you need it ?). You must additionally think about using a much better internet hosting supplier. Shared hosts are sometimes slower. If you’re receiving heaps of traffic, then you must think about moving to a VPS or a

6. How am I able to install Google Analytics in WordPress?

Answer: we’ve got written an intensive article on the way to Install and Setup Google Analytics in WordPress. It’s vital to say that you just won’t be ready to install Google Analytics in your blog. They supply a intrinsic feature known as Stats.

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7. However am I able to setup Email Subscription for my WordPress Blog?

Answer: There are 2 strategies that you will simply use. This may be done for free by using FeedBurner but in our recent experience, FeedBurner has tried itself very unreliable. We suggest using MailChimp and setup RSS-to-Email Campaign. It’s free for upto 2,000 emails. you may need to begin paying at that time. You’ll be able to additionally use Aweber for this.

8. However am I able to Introduce Videos in WordPress posts?

Answer: All you have got to try and do is solely paste the video uniform resource locator in an exceedingly line by itself. Inspect our article on the way to simply introduce videos in WordPress.

9. However do I produce a Lightbox Popup in WordPress?

Answer: We suggest a plugin known as OptinMonster (we created it). It’s a paid plugin, however it does everything you would like and more. Cross-check OptinMonster.

10. Am I able to Install WordPress in My Computer?

Answer: Yes, you’ll be able to install WordPress in your laptop for testing functions. However, if you would like people to examine your WordPress website, then you want to have internet hosting.

Note: this could be for testing functions solely. people won’t be ready to see your website.

11. However am I able to Add a Picture Gallery to My Page?

Answer: You’ll be able to use the intrinsic Gallery feature to feature image galleries to your WordPress posts and/or pages. Here is our article on the way to add gallery in WordPress with lightbox. If you would like to own albums/gallery structure, then you’ll be able to use a gallery plugin like NextGen Gallery. We have used it and found this plugin to be a touch bloated. If you wish, you can think about hiring a developer who can produce a far easier gallery.

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12. The Way to Produce a Slider in WordPress?

Answer: There are a lot of free and paid plugins out there for sliders in WordPress. We use and suggest SlideDeck as a result of it’s terribly simple to use from the WordPress backend.

13. The Way to Produce a Contact Form in WordPress?

Answer: there’s a free plugin known as Contact kind seven that is nice for many basic contact forms. However, if you would like a very powerful plugin, then you must think about sorting out Gravity Forms. we use this plugin extensively throughout our websites also as on our client’s site. It permits you to gather payments through contact form, capture emails for optin, and far more. Here could be an easy tutorial on however we used Gravity Forms to create a donate form for a non-profit.

14. However am I able to Monetize my WordPress blog?

Answer: This is often such a broad question that there’s no actual answer. Answer can vary from niche to niche and need testing.

15. That Theme are you using? Is it Accessible for Download?

Answer: We are using theme named Sparkling on AllTechsGuide. This theme is available for free on However, you are able to hire us to create you a very amazing WordPress theme likewise.


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