Polaroid Z2300 the Updated Face of the Instant Camera

I’m sure everybody knows the Polaroid camera; to be able to take pictures and see them appear almost instantly has a retro feel that has kept the technology going for years. It was only a matter of time before they moved on with technology and created a camera what instantly printed the picture that was just taken. That’s exactly what the Polaroid Z2300 instant camera does.

Available in black or white, it’s not the best looking camera but it fits its purpose. The question of course is will this be just a novelty camera like the original Polaroid cameras were or will this be something that really has a purpose in the world of photography.

As you will see from the pictures of the camera itself it’s quite blocky with a big back screen where most of the functionality will of course be. Other than that there is a power button and shutter release button on the top of the chassis itself. At the side of the screen are the main controls to go through the options available to the user on the screen as well as the ability to swap between the different modes of the camera (photo, video and playback mode). Then of course there is the printer button for the instant output of the selected picture.

The screen on the back of the camera is three inches in size which works well with the images that you have either taken or of course the video that you’ve just recorded. The screen does catch the sun slightly but the reflection is not too bad, but this could be better. It suits its purpose though which is to get previews of the images you want to print out.

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Image Quality and Printing
The sensor for the camera is 10MP so it’s not the most powerful camera out there but fits the novelty role that the instant printing device seems to want to be. This is not a professional quality picture taker by any means but for taking fun pictures that you can give to your friends? This may just fit the bill. The printed images come out at around 2 by 3 inches on the non-smudge paper the camera comes with. While the images that are printed are not excellent quality again they fit what the camera is, a novelty that is fun to play with.

The Polaroid Z2300 instant camera is a relatively cheap and fun portable device that lets you print out pictures with ease. You can add borders to the images you take to make them look like the old fashioned “polaroid” shots and film little videos, it’s not going to be the most professional of photo shoots but it works as an instantly printable picture making machine. Imagine you are at a party or something and you take a picture of your friends and they want a copy? Well you can give them one straight away; it’s the power of the Polaroid. Just don’t expect much more than novelty here.

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