Power Generators for your Data Center

When a company works to put together their IT Plan for their server room or corporate datacenter, the importance of uninterrupted power cannot be overlooked. While most IT Professionals understand the importance of UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supplies) equipment for keeping servers and network components up and running, too often there is little consideration for how to handle an extended loss of power. This is where having a power generator can make the difference between an IT DataCenter that maintains 24/7 uptime or is instead faced with hours or days of downtime.

The increasing reliance on Information systems

Twenty years ago we would not be discussing how critical it is to a business to have their computer systems fully functional. Today a power outage can cost a business significantly if their computers are offline. While UPS systems can be configured to provide systems power in the short-term, they are unable to maintain power for hours upon hours. During this time systems that are not operational and business losses begin to mount. Because we are increasingly in a global competitive environment even having IT Systems down for a few hours can be harmful to business operations and perhaps more importantly, company reputation.

Power Generators can save money over costly UPS components

Companies are most certainly aware of the need to have their server rooms and IT systems up and operational. Unfortunately they usually end up spending money on equipment that will only give them a few more minutes of up time and do not address a longer term power outage. Ironically these companies usually end up spending far more money on costly UPS components when they could have budgeted for less UPS uptime while the systems are switched over to operating off generator power.

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For example, a company may need to purchase $5,000 worth of UPS equipment to keep their server room running for 15 minutes in case of a power outage. To push that uptime to a full hour may cost as much as $15,000 to $20,000 or more. This does not include footprint cost and cooling costs of having additional equipment in the datacenter. To have two hours of operation the cost of the UPS equipment will continue to climb. A smarter approach to consider is spending the $5,000 on UPS equipment for 15 minutes of uninterrupted power and then purchase a power generator that can keep the datacenter running INDEFINITELY! If the power outage extends to three hours you are covered. If the power outage extends to ten hours, you are covered. The UPS equipment is primarily in place to allow time for the generator to start and get up to speed so that it can begin producing clean power for the system.

Side benefits of power generators for IT DataCenters and Server Rooms

In addition to the benefit of keeping computer equipment and your datacenter fully operational, a power generator can also provide ongoing power to other critical systems. Telephone systems can be kept operational. Lights and safety related equipment can continue running indefinitely as well. Nearly every company now has some refrigeration even if it is for employee use. These and other electrical dependent systems can be kept up and running when you have a power generator installed that is appropriate for your needs.

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