Razer Sabertooth an XBox 360 Gamepad for the Professional Gamer

Razer are well known for their keyboard and mice that are often designed for PC gamers. They provide often excellent quality kit that can be costly, but for the “professional” gamer is often invaluable, and many gamers who are willing to spend a little more for that added edge tend to go for.

Razer have let it be known that they are looking to move into the gamepad market, even releasing the Onzo pad which featured analogue sticks that could had adjusted torsion to meet the user’s needs. Now we have the Razer Sabertooth which adds extra action buttons and an added on-pad system for customising them.

The pad itself does look like an Xbox 360 pad, but of course with the extra buttons. You’ll find these buttons around the pad itself filling in the spaces that are found on the more average generic Microsoft pad. It’s easy to imagine where these are (for example on the underside of the pad and along the top near where the cable can be attached). The pad can be used both wireless and wired, and the buttons on the pad also have added backlighting if you have a need for it. The pad looks good and the user won’t be overloaded by all the extra buttons which are easily reachable with your fingers, it just depends if they find a use for them.

The main feature of the controller of course is the programmable buttons. This is done by an on-board OLED screen that sits underneath the main start, select and Xbox 360 button. These can be set to be mapped to do anything that you like. The benefit of this is for scenarios like reloading weapons, or jumping. It’s a case of making certain actions easier to use thus improving your performance. It should also be noted that the buttons on the underside of the controller can actually be detached using an included screwdriver if required as they can be a distraction at times unless needed.

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Also included is (as with the Onzo pad) adjustable analogue sensitivity so that you can set it just right to fit your playing style. Once you find that sweet spot it improves your ability to play the game and finds that perfect comfort for your gaming needs. It is noticeable too that the sticks also feel slightly stiffer than on the generic pad, this does not hinder your game but does give a feeling of added quality.

As mentioned the Razer pad comes with a screwdriver kit to remove the added controls at the back of the pad. Included also are covers for where the buttons had been placed, this is to add to the comfort so that you are not feeling that space during your gameplay. Also included is a carry case for the pad itself and of course the wire that is detachable to fit your needs. The overall pad, features and accessories have a definite feel of being a premium package for the player and are a joy to use.

As mentioned in the other sections time and consideration has been taken to give the player full comfort. Analogue stick responsiveness, removable controls, programmable buttons and the detachable wire are all aimed at giving the player the best experience possible while playing and gives them the ability to up there game.

It’s obvious that this is one of the best pads that you can get for the Xbox 360 and by extension the PC (as the PC can use Xbox 360 control pads). The only drawback for the more average player of course is the price £69/$89.99 but the premium features and accessories show where the money is being put. These game pads are aimed at the more professional player so many may find they have little use for programmable buttons and adjustable analogue sticks but for the competitive player and players who want to spend a little more for something special there is little to argue against spending the extra cash on this.

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