Reasons to Use a Thumb Drive

There are many reasons that you may consider using a thumb drive. These reasons include having your data accessible when you need it to be, securing data, using different computers, and much more.

A thumb drive uses a USB connection and allows you to plug it into a port to access data that you save on it. Most computers today instantly recognize a thumb drive as an additional drive on the computer it is plugged into. When you want to add data all you have to do is drag and drop the files to the additional drive and they are immediately stored on the drive. Thumb drives are very common and they are small enough to add to your keychain so you never lose them and you can take them with you everywhere you need to go.

A thumb drive is the best option for saving money when you need to transfer or save data. Some people go through stacks of CDs. For example, a person owns a website selling Christmas trees. Every time they want to update the photos of artificial Christmas trees they burn the new ones to a CD-Rom. The problem is that this can become extremely expensive. When you purchase a thumb drive then you can save the photos of lighted palm trees to the drive and move them accordingly. When you don’t need the photos anymore then they can be deleted easily. A thumb drive can be used over and over and you will never need to use CDs for transferring data again. Plus, a thumb drive stores much more data than a CD has the capability of storing.

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Securing data is very important for many people who have to take their information with them on the go. The great thing about a thumb drive is that it can be locked down. This means that if you lose your thumb drive someone cannot access the information stored on it unless they have a password. You cannot lock down other methods like CDs and CDs are really easy to lose.

A thumb drive allows you to have your information with you when you need it. They are small and portable so you can carry them with you on the go. You don’t have to worry about a thumb drive getting destroyed or scratched like a CD also. They are durable. Everywhere you go you can have your data and a thumb drive can be plugged into any computer that you would like to use to access your information. This means that if you must print something and your computer at home is broken then you can save the files to the thumb drive and print them somewhere else easily.

There are many reasons that you might consider using a thumb drive for storing your files. These reasons include having the data accessible easily, durability and saving money, and much more. A thumb drive can store a ton of data and be used over and over again so you won’t have to save money on CDs anymore.

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