Review – iFixYourI’s white iPhone 4 conversion service

Apple’s white iPhone 4 has been a subject of discussion (that is, if you’re into all of this stuff) for quite some time. Over the past couple of days, it seems as if Apple is either going to delay the white iPhone 4 until next Spring, or shutdown the project. While the later of the two seems more likely, you can still get your hands on a white iPhone 4. There are a number of websites that over conversion services, where you send your black iPhone 4 to them and they’ll swap out the parts. Parts can be found cheap enough to be yourself. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at iFixYourI’s white iPhone 4 conversion service. If you happened to have seen my YouTube video about it, please disregard it.

First, lets talk about shipping and packaging. I shipped my phone to them on a Saturday via USPS. It got to the iFixYourI guys on a Monday (they’re based in Florida). They did the swap the same day, and overnighted it to me via FedEx. I received the phone the next day (Tuesday). It came in a rather simple FedEx box that had some packaging materials pre-made for a mobile device like this. There was some clear covers on the front and back of the phone (sort of like the covers that you see on your iPhone 4 when you first take it out of the box). My orignal black parts weren’t in the box (hence, the “swap”). I emailed iFixYouI, and they gladly sent them back to me without any shipping charges.

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Please note that these aren’t genuine OEM parts. We’re told that, since the actual device isn’t released, OEM parts aren’t available, but don’t let that hinder your decision of whether or not you’d like to go through their service.

Next up, the looks! The white iPhone 4 is a very beautiful looking device. I was one of those who were going to wait for the white iPhone 4 as long as it took, but that would never have came. It’s a very stunning looking device when compared to its black version. The dotted sensor cover at the top of the iPhone is just like in Apple’s images. The home button seems to be a slightly different shade of white, also like on Apple’s images. One thing to note: glue. There was a good bit of dried up glue near the bottom of the front glass panel. iFixYourI claims that, sometimes, this is the way that they come out of the factory. The back of the iPhone is really smooth, just like what the black parts felt like. But, one thing: no flash diffuser. Mentioned above, these aren’t OEM parts, so that’s probably why there isn’t a flash diffuser. Basically, the flash diffuser lets the flash spread out more. This didn’t really effect pictures taken with the flash, though.

Now, there are a few other things that I have to mention. I went ahead and took the white back panel off (by taking off the 2 screws at the bottom of the phone, a very simple procedure) just to see what things still looked like inside. The little pull-tab for the battery was a bit abused. Before it was sent to them, it was nice and straight and without any crinkles. Also, a screw magically fell out of the phone. I could not figure out where in the world it came from, but it just all of a sudden fell out from the phone. One more: there’s a small grey blob on my camera (see the last pic from the photo gallery below). This most definitely wasn’t here before I shipped my phone out. I even took the camera completely out of the phone to try and figure out why this was happening, but it would still happen. It also happens when the back plate is completely off of the phone. It’s only visible when taking a picture of something very light. Keep in mind that the phone is still fully functional.

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Overall, this service is quite good. If you happen to have the money to put down to have your black iPhone 4 converted to a white one, this would be a great service to go to. It’s competitively priced and their customer services is great and caring. There are a few problems afterwards, though, and I’m not sure if this happens to others’ iPhones, but the changed look of my iPhone 4 makes it all worthwhile.

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