Reviewing the MK808 Technology

TheMK 808 is equipped an Android Mini PC with the Jeally Bean 4.1.1 version operating system.It is a media player for different television sets that runs the android operating system. When the device is plugged in with the television set, people can play different internet streaming movies or videos from sites such as Netflix, YouTube and so on.

Features and Functionality
The latest Android Jelly Bean OS makes the device to work quite fast because of its Dual-Core Cortex A-9 processor. It is a very small device that can be plugged in with a tv set, but this small device has many features some tablet pcs can have. For example it has an USB port for data transfers alongside a very effective Wi-Fi that has good connectivity and also Bluetooth is included in some of the devices with mostly the V4.0 version. It has a 1 GB DDR3 RAM with an onboard NAND Flash ROM supporting 4G, 8G and 16G. For video watching experience, the device supports almost all the video formats available, mostly avi, mkv, mpeg and a lot more. Moreover, the device comes with a HDMI cable to support the tv plugins where users can include certain adapters that can be bought with the device for better performance. Moreover, the device contains 3D Accelerator that supports 3D gaming with its powerful Mali400 GPU. It also supports 1080P videos where streaming Netflix is easy and smooth with very less to load depending on the internet speed.

The Android Device
When this device is plugged into a tv or a pc mostly, the screen looks exactly like an Android tablet device where users can perform all the functions that they can do with the tabs. They can download several apps, play games, and listen to music and what not. Browsing the internet is also similar to the tablet devices and this MK808 version is certainly very faster than the previous versions of this type of mini devices. There are many apps and features included into the devices with different widgets that the users do not have to install. The functionality is also very smooth as what the android jelly bean version can offer. For example, this version has a very multi-tasking functionality which can be performed very effectively just like how one uses the tablet pcs with the android operating system.

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Moreover, it may be for people who wants purchase these products to know that it does not include any type of keyboard or remote control with the device. However, the users can include keyboard apps in the device or perhaps purchase a suitable keyboard separately while using the tv remotes when the device is plugged in with a tv set. The USB slot however makes things easier where one can connect the device with anything. Therefore, with all these varieties of features with great functionality, this small device can guarantee a high satisfaction among the users at a very low price.

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