Samsung DA-E750 a Classy Stylish Dual Docking Speaker System at a Premium Price

Speakers systems are mostly similar in design but it’s in the extras and the innovations that catch out eyes. With the Samsung DA-E750 it has the almost routine shape that most modern speakers have (the box style) but the difference is that it may be one of the best looking model to grace our living rooms. It also promises docking for not only Apple’s phones/tablets but Android phones too which is a first and very welcome for people who want more choice.

Samsung have gone for not only a stylish look but a stylish sound adding its own hybrid digital/valve amp technology to add some warmth to the sound. There are plenty of speaker systems out there all sport similar functionality to this one so the question will be is the Samsung DA-E750 relying on looks to get it through or does it offer more to the listener than the average system?

If there is one noticeable thing about the design of the DA-E750 it’s that it shows confidence. With an almost Victorian feel with its wooden exterior it looks good and it feels good. To add to this feel of quality is also the silver cone surrounds which look good and give that premium feel to the style, on the top there is also a window to the insides showing off the glowing red valves. All of this look gives the feel of not only quality but expense and is sure to fit into any home (as long as you like the wood style of course)

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Not only does the DA-E750 look good but it’s the features that really make it stand out, for good and bad reasons. Firstly there is the docking ability, this works for both Apple devices and Samsung with their Galaxy range. As long as your Android phone has a Micro USB slot any of these devices will connect but you’ll need to install the Samsung Audio Dock App to make it work with the system. The DA-E750 supports both Airplay and the Galaxy AllShare Play system as well as Bluetooth 3.0 and USB connectivity (MP3 and WMA formats only). Network connection is based on built in Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. On the downside there is no DAB included.

When it comes to controls on the actual speaker system there is no display panel. This is obviously a choice made to keep the overall style of the box itself. The main buttons to control the sound are placed on the top which allow to set the volume and select input device. A remote is included though which is easy to use.

Sound Quality
Of course the DA-E750 can look good and be easy to use but we can’t forget its main job is to actually make our music sound the best it possibly can in the environment it’s put in. The good news here is that there is plenty of power with its 100W amplifier and you’ll find that the music from whatever source you provide sounds good. The bass is powerful and the use of the digital/valve hybrid amp system really brings out an extra depth in the audio. It’s not the best speaker system out there but it’s definitely a quality system.

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At £600/$626.95 the Samsung DA-E750 is a premium speaker system not only in looks and performance but price too. In terms of looks it’s one of the best, if not THE best on the market at the moment. It’s stylish and has the features to back up its looks. The fact that it’s a dual docking system for both Apple and Samsung and is adaptable to fit other Android devices makes it fairly unique too. There are said to be issues with the iPod control that make it slightly hit and miss but once these are worked around and it’s somewhat limited file compatibility (no FLAC, WAV or AAC) so it’s not perfect, but still a good choice.

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