Top World of Warcraft ASMR Videos

For those of us that listen to ASMR rather frequently, desensitization to certain sounds or voices can become an issue. Sometimes, it helps to listen to a different ASMRtist or switch up the sounds or voices to help with that. I have a great love for World of Warcraft ASMR videos in particular, but they are less common than the more traditional role-plays and such. I have my own ASMR channel with a plethora of World of Warcraft videos here , but unfortunately, I can’t seem to trigger myself. So below, I have compiled a list of some excellent ASMR channels with my favorite World of Warcraft video from each one. Each of these videos triggers the tingles for me, and hopefully, will do the same for you. Enjoy!

This video is one of my favorites of MANY World of Warcraft ASMR videos that Eman ASMR has produced. He has an excellent whisper voice with a lovely accent. I would say all of his World of Warcraft videos have a good blend of keyboard and clicking sounds included with the whispering. He also has a variety of other gaming ASMR videos on his channel.

Aethelwulfy has a gaming ASMR channel with a lot of Wildstar videos, but he has a handful of highly tingle-worthy World of Warcraft ASMR videos. This is one of my favorites. You will not find super-long videos, but it is possible to chain several of the videos together in a playlist for those that need a longer play time.

This video is truly unique. While Elloa’s channel doesn’t have a lot of pure World of Warcraft ASMR videos, she does have a LOT of ASMR videos. Some are compilations of multiple games. Some are streaming videos. She has a great variety. This video, in particular, is one of my favorites because of her relaxing voice layered perfectly over ambient sounds and music from the game. Also, she has clearly spent a lot of time crafting the visual aspect of the video. Her french accent is also a plus!

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This video is the only one of it’s kind, literally. At the time of writing this, there is only one video on Hellfire ASMR’s channel, but it is excellent. He has a wonderful accent and whisper voice. For such a new channel, this video makes an awesome first impression. The clicking and keyboard sounds are very nice, too.

Another excellent soft-spoken, whisper voice! ASMRgames Whispers has a ton of videos on her channel. There are many World of Warcraft ASMR videos, but there are other gaming ASMR videos as well. Recently, she has made several Sims videos. There is a huge collection to choose from, and she has videos of all lengths, from ten minutes to two hours.

EloiseASMR has several non-gaming ASMR videos, but only a couple of World of Warcraft ASMR videos. This one is the best of them, in my opinion. She switches between soft-spoken and whispering while narrating the boss fights in Tomb of Sargeras. It is a tingle-filled experience, and definitely worth checking out.

This is the only non-gameplay video included in this list, but it is so good, I had to include it. Elo ASMR, also, only has a few World of Warcraft ASMR videos, but they are very long and very relaxing. This one is my favorite because I currently play horde ^_^ All of her WoW videos demonstrate excellent lore knowledge and a great overview of the classes or races from the game. Her soft-spoken voice is hypnotic and perfect for ASMR.

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