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Do you love photography? This blog is for you. When Holly and I decided to start blogging, we agreed that there were a lot of photography websites, blogs, books, videos, magazines, podcasts, etc. out there to be consumed. Why is that? Because photography is something that anyone can do and it is a fun way to record those things that mean something to you in this life. Photography can be used as a form of documentation. It can be used as a creative release. It can be used to remember the past. It can be used as an artform. It can be a combination of several or all of these together.

Our purpose here is to bring photography advice to the masses. Though we are professionals, we want to inform the amateur, as much as we want to educate the enthusiast and professional. Our advice is just as helpful to the professional who’s shot weddings for decades or the mom who’s got a new digital point and shoot and wants to record photos of her new baby to send by e-mail to her friends and family. Our blog has in mind anyone who wants to take better photos of people, no matter what the skill level. And for that matter, really no matter what the camera you may own. If I teach a group of people a trick to make a child smile for a portrait, could not a professional as well as a new mom use the same advice? If I gave advice on neat tricks to get pets to hold still for a family portrait, again, could this advice not be useful to both amateur as well as professional.

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We hope to offer advice that will aid anyone looking to be a better “people person”. Really that’s what it boils down to. You can find plenty of advice online on how to use your camera, which camera lenses have what specs and how to capture wildlife in their natural environment but practical easy to understand advice on dealing with people and basic & advanced portrait techniques are not as easy to find.

We hope to have many articles that run the gammat of topics. We will also be interviewing top family portrait photographers and asking them the questions that you want to know about how they got into the business and the pros and cons of working with people and what they love most about photography.

If you have questions about portrait photography that you would like answered, drop us an email at piecesofthepicture@gmail.com or feel free to comment here on our blog. We want to hear from you!

Also, if you have a family portrait (family, pets, children, senior, wedding, maternity, etc.) that you would like critiqued as a blog post, please feel free to email it to us as well and if we decide we can be of help to you and it would make a good post, we will use it as a blog post entry for all to see. We will tell you what we do and don’t like about it. We will attempt to critique one a week. (Please send us rated g photos only, THANKS!!)

So, who is this blog for? Do you want to take powerful portraits of your family? This is for you. Do you want your clients to be your clients for life? This blog is for you. Do you want your relatives to stop yawning when they look through your family’s photo album? THIS IS FOR YOU! If you are here, it’s probably for you. It’s for anyone who wants to be a better photographer of the people they love.

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Tell your friends. Remember, we’re posting Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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