Wilmington Senior Softball

Annual Membership Meeting – Past Minutes

January 31, 2006
Breaktime Bar & Grill

The annual meeting of the Wilmington Senior Softball Association was held at the Breaktime Restaurant. President Ken Denne called the meeting to order at 10:07 AM and welcomed all the attendees. He stated that the purpose of the meeting was for general information and to elect two new officers.

Ken began the meeting by introducing the WSSA officers: Phil Rose, commissioner; John Keane, VP; Mike Fleming, treasurer; Mike Abernathy, secretary was absent due to the death of his mother; four player representatives – Bob Dempsey, Ray McCurtin, Joe Seme and Ron Sullivan. All new players who were in attendance were asked to stand up and introduce themselves.

Mike Fleming gave the treasurer’s report. The league is solvent. The league treasury contains $2,047.87. Phil Rose commented that it takes about $11,000 to run the league for a year.

He stated the account balance for each team: .

Ken Denne gave the president’s report. The league is stable and running well. Ken thanked Jim Kelly for organizing the golf tournament and Joe Seme for donating prints for door prizes. He pointed out Ed Healy for collecting more than $1,200 from various sponsors for the league. He also stated that George Wesoloski recruited Champions to sponsor his team.

Phil Rose gave the commissioner’s report. Because of health reasons, Phil will be delegating more of his responsibilities this coming year. An effort was made to schedule the younger league on Mondays and Thursdays so that they would not have to play at Veterans Park.  However, it was discovered that we cannot use the fields at Empie Park on Mondays and so Phil will go back to work on a new schedule.  At any rate, the league play-offs will be in October so players should plan accordingly. Players are encouraged to seek new sponsors and there are new sponsor brochures available to help. Phil stated that there are about 21 new players this year and there may be a fifth team in the older division. Players were encouraged to sign up for the Wilmington Senior Games by the Sea. This year the teams must be organized by age. Although a player may participate in these games, it does not guarantee that he will be selected to compete in the state games.  Last year three Wilmington teams not only won the gold medal, but went undefeated at the state games. This year the North Carolina State Senior Games are important because the gold and silver medal winners will qualify to compete in next year’s Senior Olympics. Our 60+ team won the silver medal in Pittsburgh Senior Olympics in 2005.

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Because of the heavy traffic in the mornings, Phil may try scheduling some exhibition games to start at 10:00 AM to see whether this helps. Phil and Dwight Crainshaw looked into the possibility of playing games in the Leland complex, but it doesn’t look like that will work out without compensation from New Hanover County.

The floor was then opened for questions:
Q. Why not decide now what the format of play will be on extremely hot days instead of arguing about it when it happens, e.g., should the count start with one ball and one strike or should the second game be shortened to five innings?

A. Let the decision be made by the managers and the team members on the day it happens. In addition there will be days off around the 4th of July and during the last week in July and the first week in August, among the hottest days of the season.

Q. There were complaints about an umpire stopping the games because he received a cell phone call. Can something be done about that?

A. The league will talk to that umpire about it.

Q. When will the first game of the season be?

A April 18 after the Senior Games by the Sea.

New Business:
–  The Senior Center is looking for volunteers to help run the Senior Games by the     Sea events. Get in touch with them if you would like to help.
– The league is starting a charitable fund to help disadvantaged children with the      cost of athletic fees and equipment. John Keane passed a hat around and most          players contributed. A hat will be passed every now and then to feed the fund.
– Nominations were opened for league secretary. George Wesoloski was the only      candidate nominated and was voted in by voice acclamation.
– Nominations were opened for league president. Joe Seme was the only candidate   nominated and was voted in by voice acclamation.
– It was stated that player reps will be selected during the season.

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There being no other new business, the meeting was adjourned by out-going president Ken Denne at 11:00 AM.

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